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Equi-Trek Wins Made In Sheffield Award

3rd May 2024

The leading lights from South Yorkshire's manufacturing sector were celebrated at the Made in Sheffield Awards 2024.

We are delighted to announce that Equi-Trek was awarded the Made In Sheffield Award and is now a Made In The UK 2024 finalist. Congratulations to the team at Equi-Trek for all their hard work and dedication.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Equi-Trek, which has grown to become the largest horsebox and horse trailer manufacturer in the UK.

Equi-Trek operates from a 75-acre site in Stocksbridge and has 50 dealerships worldwide, with plans to expand into new markets. The judges said that Equi-Trek exemplifies the manufacturing talent here in South Yorkshire and is "going places" thanks to its impressive growth both nationally and overseas.

Tina Wallace and Banksy Take on Badminton

17th May 2024

Q. What was it like to prepare for the Badminton Grassroots BE90 Championships?
A. I’ve never been the most competitive person; I compete for fun more than for prizes/podium finishes. But after qualifying in 2022 for the 23 Grassroots Championships and sadly having to withdraw last minute due to illness, I made it my mission to qualified again for 2024. I was determined, dedicated and disciplined… I was going to train hard and give it my all.

Hand on heart, I have never enjoyed training so much, it’s been awesome, I’ve learnt loads, and we are both the fittest we’ve ever been too!

I do need something else to aim for now though as having no training or clinics in the diary is making me feel a little sad!!


Q. How did Banksy cope with the special Badminton atmosphere?
A. Do you know what I was so proud of him. He can be a tense and spooky horse, but he certainly rose to the occasion and just looked proud as punched to be there.

He was the most rideable I have ever had him at an event for the Dressage. It’s like he knew how important it was! For the Showjumping warmup he was a little less relaxed and definitely knew the jumping phases were coming. He focused on what I was asking as soon as we got into the Main Ring. On the Cross-Country course, he was just a dream, this is by far his favourite phase!

Q. Were you nervous ahead of competing?
A. I am normally a very nervous anxious competitor, I overthink/over analyse what could go wrong, and have a massive fear of messing up and letting my boy down But, as soon as we left Cornwall on that Monday morning, I was nothing but excited.

I was extremely lucky that my coach surprised me by helping me in all three warm-ups, which massively helped my focus and desire to give it my best shot. So, a huge shout out and thanks to Alex Bragg for giving up his time when he was also extremely busy himself competing in the 5*.

Q. Do you have a standout memorable moment from the competition?
It’s got to be crossing that finish line in the cross-country. It was actually pretty overwhelming the amount of people that were there to support us and cheer for us at the finish.

It’s still a bit of a blur but thankfully I have lots of photos and videos to look back on!

Q. How pleased were you to secure a top 10 place?
Elated!! However, I will be honest at the time I was very cross with myself for missing out on the prizegiving in front of the house by 1 second, as we gained .4 time XC which sadly dropped us two places from 5th to 7th.

Banksy gave it his all and so deserved to be in that top 6 line up for a pretty picture!

Q. Did Banksy have a comfortable journey in the Equi-Trek Sonic?
A. He sure did… he loves it, you don’t hear a peep out of him!! He has spent a lot of hours in “Sonique” the Sonic over the last few months travelling out of Cornwall for training and competitions. We are so very grateful to Equi-Trek for their support and assistance in enabling us to comfortably and safely cover all of these miles.